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 Let me recap all the activities i've been doing lately...

Supposed to have Xueling laoshi's vocal lesson but canceled in the end, so nv go down OB.. so i went back home to rest...

Skipped the 1st hour of the lecture, cus i woke up late. my slp is more impt lah. studies can catch up, slp cant, if i end up having not enuf slp i will look dead throughout the whole day. After Jap end at 5 15, went to subway to eat with sheryl and rush down to Ob after that for the make up lesson for 话要说清楚. Supper with capgrp ppl (Regina, Mireen, Betty, Alvin) and off home we went

After lesson end at 12pm, went down to cityhall to meet up with julio to Peninsula to buy my dance pants and some T-shirts. and off to OB to practice dance. and julio taught me mirotic (THANKS MAN!), omg the dance is dam nice and sexy LOL. see the video below.

Taking my symmetrical open leg posture pic . while resting.

ShuTing came after that and learn mirotic as well, followed by mir then we practiced our L.A hiphop. And then Xueling laoshi's vocal class after that, was there to hear comments, cus i cant sing due to my throat and sinus. After that, dinner then GO HOME~

Supposed to start sch from 8am to 5pm, but i overslept (cus i forgot to press the alarm thingy when i already set the time ) so i end up sleeping till 10+am then off to sch for my oth lessons. Then go back home bath and come out again to ob for Huanjie laoshi's vocal lesson. And HARMONY IS SO COOL!!! i wanna master it lah!!!!!!!!!

After that went to old place to have supper (huanjie, alicia, bryan, julio, regina, royston, yikang, shyrlyn). Then we went to watch midnite movie.

The Uninvited

the movie was kinda boring and not exciting at first, and it wasnt even scary at all. the only think i like abt this movie is the amazing twist in the story. im suprised how they link up everything. and i practically laugh everytime when the ghost shows up. (DEPRESSOR WE ARE ON THE SAME LINE!!!!) After movie off home we went.

Pic of friday, super look alight brother sister (julio & alicia). Oh man alicia lose to julio in cuteness..

Finish update liao, finally~ LOL!!! BYEZ PEEPZ

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Vocal Exam. ボーカルテスト
Woooo im so happy now. Firstly vocal exam is a success. Secondly, i got 100 marks for my JAP!  YAY!!!

Ok let me update abt friday, went to collect teacher's trophy near red dot which we pre-ordered a week ago. And that trophy is really nice!!!  after that went to practice for vocal for to prepare for exam at night. Then more and more joined when its nearing exam time.

Thats me and all the nice people in the 2 classes. then teacher came and tested us in this very same room for theory and off to the dance studio for our exam songs. SEE THE PICS BELOW:

YAY im so suprised i kanna top 6 for the PK. but the unlucky part is i nv prepare the second song for the PK. so i jus took my very singer audition song tian tian xiang ne which i didnt even practice when very singer audi ends. HOHOHH. and i got 4th . Finally find back some lost confidence.

Then after PK ends at ard 1am? we give teacher a suprise, for his effort and patience in teaching us. First start off with a speech from regina. and then after that continue with presenting the trophy and this special certificate to teacher. LOL then we everyone sing together XIAO JIU WO to teacher. YAY so touching...

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Drinking at Boat Quay on eve of new year.

Drinking at the same place again on Sat Night.

Updated with Pics KOPE FROM & EDITED by Miyake***

I'm having some GUGU itab lesson now, and he's teaching some HTML code thingy for webpage. and since i know abit of it already so i decided to post some picSSSS.

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 Steamboat @ Regina's house on Friday

Eating steamboat
(Ashton, Winson, Daniel, Daniel's Sis, Yi xuan, Yanming, Regina, Shyrlyn, Alicia, Royson, Yikang, Betty, Betty's Bf)

Suprised!!! Happy B'day Winson!!!
(ok it wasnt really a suprise bec of regina's sis. LOL) 

suddenly Shyrlyn smash the cream from behind
and winson's face all kanna whip cream  LOL.

Everyone run away after that, then winson run to the 2nd floor chasing shyrlyn they all.

After that they come down for the second round of battle.

Tadah, Shyrlyn's hair kanna whip cream. HOHOH

Then teacher was the next victim, look at their face dam funny!!

Look at the mess they make at regina's house.

Presenting the presents, a Lollipop and a Mp3 player.

All our wishes on the birthday card. Happy B'day!!!

Dont Doubt, he is our vocal teacher!!! 
(i think his image gonna be @*$*&@$@ now LOL.) 

After that  most of them went home, left me shyrlyn, winson and royston stayed over. Didnt slp much went prata in the morning  with royston and winson. And back to home!!!!

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HALO people!!!

X'mas party at KIMBERLY's house on saturday nite.

As much as i would like to post all the pics of that day, the problem is i don have any of the pics of that day until someone send me then i can post it, so bare with me for the lengthy post.

Met up with the classmates ard evening and i'm supposed to bring them to kim's house bec im the only one who knows how to get there. After reaching, played a few rounds of WII and had our meal before starting the games planned by RUYI.

The food was delicious, my favourite was the chilli sotong, soft and nice and cooked jus right. Then off to play our games after everyone had their dinner. The first game was WII tennis game. The class was seperated in to 4 grps, then each team have 5 members, then we have to play WII tennis with other teams, the last 2 grps with the lowest point will have to drink the disgusting vegether fruit blended juice. Luckily my grp win the other grp so we wont have to drink it .

Then off to the 2nd game. Where we have to go out outside kim's house and we have to pair with someone when playing this game. The pair will have to bite the pasta at each end and then squirt down and move from one end to the end then win the game, theres no penalty to this game though, only sweets for the winners.

And then the third game which is my favourite bec its very fun and everyone will kanna something retarded and stupid . Its jus like true or dare, the person kanna draw out by the game master have to draw from the paper note thingy, if that person kanna true then we have to think of qns to ask, if that person kanna dare, then that person will have to fufill the requirements in the paper.

I belong to the more lucky ones, i kanna dare but my task is easy, jus pose 5 retarded shots and tats it . i remember sheryl's and pris's one when they both kanna true and then have to answer some sensitive questions. LOL dam funny man. and then our new classmate who kanna dare and was forced to post some sexy shot which is really dam hilarious.

Didnt drink alot that day, jus a few cans of beer and few cups of vodka, wasnt able to see anyone drunk on that day. Wanted to make Yihao (someone who cant hold his liquor) drunk but its at somebody's elses house so have to control .

After that tonned over at kim's house with eric, mattew, gary, and yanjing, while the rest went home bec its quite late already and sheryl left at ard 2am after that bec she was not allowed to stay over. Yihao left with sheryl bec we
practically had nth to do after that.

Then everyone fall asleep one by one, left me the only one watching tv until 6+am then sleep. Then 8am wake up again bec kimberly have to go church. took cab home, bathed and then slp until 8pm .

Thats all for the update. will post pics once i get it.

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 Met up with Pauline on monday for steamboat cus she starting work soon. We went to 镇發火锅活海鲜 at thomson road.

Evidence of us queing for 1hr, the queue is so dam long lah.

Finally our turn!!! DELICIOUS STEAMBOAT=))

The teppanyaki is really NICE!!!!

Okay one thing i donn like abt that place is that i saw cockroaches climbing ard near the basin which is located in the restaurant where everyone can see. Then along those small little i saw 3 little cockroaches crawling ard withing the gap.

And thus i ask Pauline to take pic of it, and shes so funny(stupid) enuf to squat down there and take like nobody business. Then this china Staff saw her taking the pic and go complain to the boss . Then the boss come to our table and talk to us  keep telling us that he's very sorry and say that they send ppl every weeek to the restaurant to catch cockroaches.

I was like : ORH OK, HMMM yaaa... HAHAHAAA.

My OS:

If they are serious abt catching all the cockroaches they shld find the main reason why the cockroaches kept infesting their restaurant and if sending ppl to catch once a week is not enuf, they shld send every alternate days instead until all the cockroaches are gone. It's a goddam place for us to eat and the hygiene is not up to the standard.

Morever they jus appear on a Show(channel 8) which introduced nice buffets last week. And the worst is!!!! HE NV GIVE US ANY BENEFITS AFTER ALL HIS BULLSHIT TALK ABT CLEANING UP THE COCKROACHES!!!!! DAM IT

Pauline and I were thinking of actually sending the cockroaches pics to mediacorp to feedback abt the show (actually is complain) and i suggested sending the pics to all the reporters until the shop go bankrupt LOL... i know im evil. but i wont do that lah .

After eating we are dam full and Pauline eat until she feel like vomitting and asked the boss to give her a plastic bag incase she vomit later. LOL dam funny. Well overall its really a nice place and the food is reallyy good. The desserts too. Except for the cockroaches part.

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HALO. Today (tuesday) didnt went to sch actually i intended to go but too tired so, HAHA... I realised i got so many things i haven do and i have been lazy-ing ard all the time. Things like, project research, homeworks, revising... i feel like quitting sch now. DBF is so boring!!!!

Went out with angel today. She got free tickets to k-pop concert (the ticket was not available to the public) so kinda lucky and thankful that she invited me along to the concert bec only got 2 tickets . Went to bugis to walk ard and have our lunch before heading to indoor stadium, we were nearly late. Actually we were late but the concert haven start yet due to the heavy traffic jam so the ppl kinda arrived at the stadium late as well. SO LUCKY!!! (ps, my first time go see concert  )

Took some pics:

Personally, i feel that the concert is superb, probably bec its my first time. The Korean stars who performed are JunJin(Shin Hwa), Andy(Shin Hwa), Wonder Girls, Chae Yeon, V.O.S, Jewelry, 2PM, U-Kiss and Kim Jong Wook. 

They are all dam cool man, the gals are pretty and the guys are handsome, and when they singing, they got this aura ard them. and the whole concert is like so high, especially the malays sitting infront of me screaming like crazy.


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My road.私の道
After sch today, met up with nigel to penisula to buy his skinnies, then when he buying, the urge of buying something came to me, and i actually bought 2 jeans and 2 berms.

Spent money again=(, inflation is rising now, i shld control myself. but inorder to curb inflation, we have to spend more instead of saving it bec it will only make inflation worst with not enough currency circulation, so in other words, im saving the economy as well (thats my conclusion).

After that went to meet up with gin yee, evelyn, li an, gabriel and jonathan to catch the movie called 21 at lido. i wouldnt say that the movie is not nice, but jus not my kind of movie and its abit draggy. but with all the nice ppl ard, today was not that bad jus that my bag is a little bit heavy making me abit rowdy after the movie. and again took some pics with gab's super ultra cool camera:

(update when i get hold)

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Party world!.パッチヲル!
Vocal as usual on the saturday. then off to party world with vocal classmate and teacher. Sing and sing and sing, took quite alot of pics with classmates. and i think i look older than my teacher. thats really bad悲しい.

me with a gugu face:

another me with gugu face with eileen:

tadah!!! gugu face with sjean:

no more gugu face with tifibabi:

me and ada:


teacher told me to act innocent-.-:



had a great time!!!
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Yuki no Yaki.雪の焼き
Met up with depressor yesterday and she was god dam frigging late for 1 hr!!! and im so kind enuf for not getting mad over it. i donno why i so kind, or basically i'm that kind of person who don get mad easily. Then off to YukiYaki and let the pics do the talking:

then walk ard marina and then off to eat ice cream. we ordered chocalate fondue. and i think its the first time i had it if im nt wrong.

Hope the next outing will be to WARAKU de PASTA!
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