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 Hi i finally came to blog after i procrastinate for  few days. Haven been in the mood to do things recently and i know why-.-. I jus have to get over it.. GET OVER IT THIS TIME AND IT WILL BE FINE~~~~ oh well now some photos to share. (read through the whole post, u wont wan to miss the last pic)

Shyrlyn's 18th B'day!

Seesha (Qiqi, Yihui, Daniel, Jemie, Peishan)

Some recab photos, VS audition (like half a year ago-.- with royston, alicia, regina, shyrlyn)

And NOWW!!! for the bonus PIC of the day. My super fat ugly pic which i don even have, taken during sec 4!!!!

i cant believe i post this up=.=

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 VISIT http://redrosiery.blogspot.com/ for your BEST VALENTINE'S

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AHHHH I HAD a sudden cravings for so many thing after i browse through my old blog post. And the worst thing is theres alot of restriction on me now悲しい.

NOW im so craving for YukiYaki, a kind ofjapanese buffet at marina, thinking of it jus make my saliva drip from my mouth.

i also had a sudden urge to go KBox. but the price seems to have increaase i guess, since the inflation in SG now is 4.+

now chionging study at library for my god dam coming MST, i don wanna forward any of my modules.

maybe going the reflexology just beside library for massage, i donno wats that place called also. 35 dollars for whole body. but i only saw old people go, hardly any youngsters like me go. I need a massage bec i think my whole body is getting stiff so i shld let it relax a little. update abt the massage later.
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atarashi no classmate

my creation;D

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Out with elaine on sunday. went pepper lunch for lunch. even though the most of the ex colleague are all gone, but we still got offers for the meal.楽しい

went Pooled at plaza after that and play a few rounds. with my last pieces of 10 dollars. LOL たらーっ. cam whore a little:

walk ard mall aimlessly after that and went back home. at nite meet again at punggol park to jogggg and shake off fats!!!!!!!!!!!!. BEGONE FATS!!!怒り

kinda tired now. gonna sleep soon. Kionwa Otsukaresamadeshita!!!! hai!!! NERU NO JI KAN DESU!!!!!!!!!!!! JA NEI~~~~~~~~~~~
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Want to extend your HAIR without irritating your head or scalp, ITS SIMPLE AND EASY!!! go to www.comperare.blogspot.com to check it out!!!!

Its jus a clip away~ and your extension is DONE. SIMPLE AND EASY than u do at salon which is like 1 dollar per strand and u need to do hundreds of strands of it and it often make your head feel irritated.!

with this clip on extension, all u need is jus a clip and its done! simple and easy! its cheap too!!! so pls do CHECK IT OUT at


and order it online!!!
(note: im only helping to advertise=))


i know im sick enuf to ask ppl spam my blog-.-, and i thot they would only be scolding me lampa face and pajiao face. Now they are even sick enuf to spam porn webby in my tagboard=.=.

it had been removed for polluting my blog.

SPAMMERS! don spam porn webby! if not i banned u!!!
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Hmmmmmmmm, submitted my choices today. and i felt abit regret, bec its like ppl keep telling me music wont have any future.

but since i already summited already, i shall not broad abt it. At most i will work hard on this road, or i can go to oth road like filming, modelling and etc.

have to Work hard to lose my FAts now, and then start to train my BODY! CR JIAYOU!!!

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Diet PLAN START.食事療法の計画の開始!

Chunrong's secret diet plan REVEALED! ARE YOU TIRED OF THE FATS ON YOUR BODY!? want to shake them off? this is the right place u have come!!! (advertisment always like that say) it really isn a diet plan lah, its a knowledge! essential knowledge to lose weight fast!

Are u determined enuf!!!? U SURE U WONT GIVE UP HALFWAY!? many ppl had tried losing weight, they get so confident in the beginning but gave up halfway, bec they couldnt do it. They cant restrict temptation. they wan to look slim but don wan to scarifice anything. And do u have any idea why u wanna look slim? bec u wan to look nice infront of ppl? of your frens? your family? u have to find those answer yourselfs, bec only those answer will motivate u to keep going. (well for me, i wanna lose weight bec i wanna be healthy!) In conclusion~ if u are not determined enuf for those who wanna lose weight, pls don continue reading this post.

When u are in the middle of executing your diet plan, always keep reminding yourself not to give up, YOU CAN DO IT! YES UUU!!! CANNN DO ITTT!!!! in this way, u wont give up easily. the biggest enemy is yourself=) (i know its typical, but its true)

knowledge! u need to at least know some knowledge abt how your body actually burn calories, these days, ppl concern more on calories rather than fats. go to the net and key in calories, u will found various information abt it. calories is present in food and drinks, we need it for energy too. roughly a person need 1800 calories to 2500 calories per day depending on your age and gender. so go check it out at least you will be aware how much calories u are consuming per day, and how much u are burning per day.

if u use more calories than u intake, slowly as time goes by, u will lose weight. so NEXT CHAPTER (below) pls continue reading.

Are u a active person or inactive person??? like i said, if u wanna lose weight u have to exercise! for active person, exercising is not a problem, and they shld watch their diet which is covered later on. For in active person, like myself, u have to force yourself to exercise~ if u are embaressed bec your family are at home, or u don wan to jog in the public, then wait for a good time when your family are not ard or go jog during the night (less or no ppl). u don need to care abt what others think abt u, u jus need to feel confident! CONFIDENT is impt, whether its in work, looks or watever, its impt, if u don have, don worry, you can build it up. Look at the mirror and tell yourself u like wat u see in the mirror=)).

jog at least twice per week so that you can burn off your fats constantly. depending on your weight and the fat amt on your body, the heavier u r, the more calories u burn per hour as compared to a person lighter than u. Jogging is the fastest and most convinient exercise to burn fat fast. if u wan to do exercise at home, u can do aerobics by watching it on youtube and follow the steps or do some oth form of exercises which u think suits u. estimated calories burn off by jogging per hour is ard 500. aerobics as ard, 300. see the pic below if u wanna know how many calories is being burned when doing other exercises.

DIET!!!! yes, watch your diet! estimate ard how many calories do u eat per day. and then slowly from then on, slowly lower the calories u intake, dont do it in one shot, bec u will feel very hungry. NV NV NV NV STARVE YOURSELF bec once u starve yourself, your body will automatically adjust to the the calories u intake per day, and then your weight will still remain the same after a peroid. SO DON STARVE YOURSELF! it wont work.

RESTRICT YOURSELF from eating FASTFOOD! OILY FOOD, DEEP FRIED FOOD! nv even touch them when u are dieting, bec if u tell yourself that 'its fine lah, i jus have it once in a while' then the next time u will continue telling yourself the same thing, then u wont lose weight!!!! so don touch it! MUS BE DETERMINED!

recommended less calorie food shld be soup based food,as soup based food make u full more easily.don eat those thick-deep-flavouring soup based food HOH!!! is blend soup based food. the best shld be:


dumpling soup

as both are quite low in calorie, but i prefer dumpling more, bec theres meat and vege inside the dumpling and it is lower in calories than beehoon.

don ever eat soup based food that got the thick thick yellow noodles and other kind of noodles other than bee hoon. bec those are fat! for even lower calorie food, i recommend:


pls ask for less sauce!=) HHOHOHOHO. the estimated in calories in zhu chang fen is ard 200, its so little isnt it? for bee hoon and dumpling shld be ard 300 to 400 ba.=)

don always eat until very full, bec everytime u eat until very full, your stomach will expand, then next time u eat u will become more hungry and then eat more. make yourself 75% full can le, like that your appetite will become lesser and lesser.

eat more fruits and vege as this food are lesser in calories. and if u are hungry, eat some fruits to stop your hunger! its really useful though=)

if u don like outside cooking, then DIY! bec u know wat u are putting in your food so its best to cook food yourself. OR ask your parents to cook soup based food, or steamed based food=) change your oil to olive oil as its healthier. go to the net and search for recipes, some website have recipes that got information abt the amt of calories it contain, it also hd a search engine for u to search for low-calories food, so go check it out!

for meat, i recomment chicken breast! as it has no fats, skinned the skin PLS! steamed your fish!! with onions and ginger and soya sauce. simple and easy! DON EAT RICE!!! if u really wan to eat rice, eat pearl rice (i donno wat is it called in eng) aka zhen zhu mi! these rice are always being used in jap cuisine. they had lesser calories than other kind of rice.=)

read the calories in canned food or package food. DON EVER EAT INSTANT NOODLE! bec its sooooooooooooo full of calories, and FYI! instant noodles contain a kind of wax that stay in our body for ard a few mths be4 its been expelled out from out body. search for low calories bread and canned food. read the food label. example, 500kcal, means 500 calories, starting i thot is 500000 calories bec i donno anything yet. so look properly!

also, don eat supper, and don eat anything after 8pm!

this is an example of my diet plan starting from april 2007.

before dieting, i didnt exercise and i eat 3 meals per day and its unhealthy food. thing like macdonald which is like 500 calories per meal. its a lot already, and the mixed rice which ard 400 calories. then one day add up is already alot plus nv exercise to burn off those calories.

i started eating salad every day and exercises ard 3 days per week. half and plus hour per each time. doing ten mins of exercises be4 bed.
slowly sick of salad, then go on to making my own food. searching for recipes on the net and lower to 2 meals per day and lesser qty intake. then change to everyday dumpling soup. after 4 mths, i saw that my weight drop quite a lot, then i start to slowly eat oth forms of food. so this is my lose weight journey=) from starting april till now, form 8X kg to 6X kg! my archeivement! MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA. my aim is 5X kg, so im returning to my diet plan tomoro!

for those who suspect that i lied, im so sorry to say that i did not lie, bec the weight machine don lie, and neither do i lie to myself=)
and im proud of my archeivement! DAM U LOSERS~ HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH

CHUNRONG of the day

doing powder toner mask

rememeber to thanks me if u had succed in this plan=)) HOHOHOHOH!
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TUG O WAR.引っ張りo戦争

Playing tug-o-war with my dog. we were fighting to see who can get the bone. LOL

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SO COOL!!!.そう驚くばかり!!!

hahahaha!!! i finally got it! my N95 8gb. And i had change my handphone number to


its a golden number, but it aint that golden after all-.-. well anyway, i was so excited today with my new phone. i had transferred some anime into the phone and the quality turn out really great!!!

next time i can watch anime anywhere even if im not at home, WAHAHAHAHAAA. the camera was not bad, and i took some pic of my dog, and take some photo of myself bec its been so long ever since i had take any photo. LOL

tomoro start working again~ MONEY MONEY COME COME!!!
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